Writing, writing, laundry & writing

So mostly I was writing today and did laundry. Going back and editing a little as I go. I have no chapters and that worries me. I need to go back and read my MS and figure out where to put chapters. I’m not sure if I should just write like I do or if I should write and put chapters in as I go. Which is better I wonder? So I have some research to do….


Oscar Night

Funny how this was such a big night for TV and I didn’t even have mine on. I was busy working on my manuscript. Then I went for my long nightly walk and when I came home – I did the dishes. I kept up on all of the news by checking my Twitter…never missed a thing! Here’s to the start of a busy week. My goal is to have this MS done and start some self editing by the end of this week. So, got lots to get done!

Another Friday

So even though it was a busy day today I got a lot of writing done that I’m happy with. I have been doing a lot of research and know where I want to send this manuscript when it’s done and cleaned up. I have just a bit left and then editing. It’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time! I’ve got goals – Woo-hooo!

Thursday = busy day

It was a busier than expected Thursday! After a quick trip to the store I got quite a bit of writing done. Then I had two nephews graduate – 1 from USMC boot camp & the 2nd from Navy Hospital Corpsman Training. Then I got involved in my first chat with editors from Carina Press. Had to pick up a sick kid from school and then managed to get more writing done. I learned a lot of great info from the chat with 2 favs (paraphrasing both) 1- a NO today doesn’t mean a NO tomorrow, keep writing & submitting and 2- a letter of R&R is like a test drive to see if author/editor would like to work together. OH – I also won a book which arrived today. What can Friday possibly bring??? Have a great night!

Doctor office waiting room

I’m standing here…yes, standing here waiting for my son to see the doctor and it is litterally standing room only! If I get sick from this visit I’m gonna be one un-happy Mamma!

What Sting says

I’m listening to Sting live and he’s talking about song writing and to him, there’s only two kinds of love songs. The first being: I love you & you love me and that’s nice but kind of boring. Then there’s the other kind: I love you but you love someone else. Now that’s interesting, it’s painful….sounds a lot like story telling to me (ie a novel) thanks Sting.


So quite unexpectedly the flu has arrived at my house. Plans for the day…stopped. My son might be 16 and 6ft 3 but when the flu strikes…he’s still a baby!

Saturday – the day to….

Well I was using it as a day to write but I forgot my sister was having a little get together so I needed to bake a cake. Then my teens pulled some rather typical teen stuff and I felt like a ref in a MMA match. Now I’m just trying to relax. Time to focus on writing after the laundry is done! One day I swear, I’ll never go hungry again…well I really mean is one day this writing will pay off! Toots!

Friday is writing day

My dogs are worse than my kids! I swear that they know when I sit down to write. Then they need to go out. They are out of water. Need to go out again. Bark at the mailman….ack I keep telling my sister kids are like dogs! Trying to get my concentration back! Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Valentine Day…or not?


I’m treating myself today! Some days you just gotta. Enjoy your day – share some love, give books!