Blogging from the top of a mountain?

Yes, I am. I am in Phoenix at the top of South Mountain and it will be sunset soon. The weather is great, it is peaceful and quiet except for the buzz of bees. To be honest, I wish I wasn’t here but my kids are taking pictures with their Gramma so I had to come. Actually, I’m in an uncomfortable position and I don’t like it but I’m here none the less just waiting and hoping I don’t get stung by any bees. Spring time is a great time in Arizona but we never know how long it will last before the real heat arrives….then I will be bemoaning the weather and wishing I was some place else. These pictures are taking forever by the way. Could it be because I so don’t want to be here that time is actually moving slower? I wonder. Well I will finish this blog with a wish to you all to have a lovely Easter and enjoy it with those you love. Til the next time – keep writing, keep dreaming, don’t give up even if it breaks your heart.


Did I finish anything today???

That’s a good question…I don’t think I did. I baby sat my two nieces today and I was at my sister’s house much longer than I expected to be. Then I was picking up my own kids who got out of school early. I did manage to work on – what I will call – my Book 1 of my Scottish books and hope to get a lot more done tomorrow. I have one MS done as contemporary romance and there will be the two books to the Scottish books and then there is another I just started but that won’t be done for a good while. I just wish I knew if any of my work is worthy of being published. Also…I miss my little sweet dog Dixie. Good Night.

Sunday was a busy day

Today I got a lot done. Felt good about that. Did some research on writing contests, publishers and agents. Participated in an askagent on Twitter and got some good answers. Transfered all the Manuscripts or ideas I’m working on to a stick drive so I can work from any of the computers. Also started five outlines for books to work on later. I also began writing on a new manuscript that I’m very excited about. I need to work some more on completed MS and I need to finish up the second one as well. Lots of things going on and I just need to keep pushing – hard. This is what I want. So with that…it is a short work/school week for most people…enjoy it. I’m out!

The Weekend Is Here

So Friday was a rather horrible day for me and my family. I had to put my sweet dog Dixie to sleep. I won’t go into the details but she had Epilepsy. I also won’t say much about her or my eyes will start fillinf with tears and I won’t finish this. Just that I love you and will miss you.

I didn’t get much writing wise done but did get some research done and received one of the books I ordered in the mail – about self editing. I want to do my best as I put my work out there…so much competition and so many with more experience that I just need to do everything I can. I also submitted a bit of work in a contest for Hareliquin – probably not the right line with them but still the experience of it matters. I also worked on four outlines for future works. Never tried the outline theory but will see how it works out.

I think this should do it for the night. See you Sunday!

A light at the end of the….

Well was sick with worry all day but my girl Dixie saw the vet and they think she is having pancreatitis. Will know more in the morning.  On a totally different subject – there is a lot going on on Twitter. There are lots of chances to pitch or have a critique done. Plus you can find out about other contests and what not. I was given great advice for some creative writing books that I’m looking forward to getting. I learn something new every day, my writing continues and I hope it’s good enough to some day be published. So I end tonight on a bright note. Always look on the bright side of life!

Wednesday What?

Today has been rough. My favorite dog has been sick and I’m having a hard time consentrating. So this is all I’ve got for tonight. Good Night

Good Blogger? Not sure I qualify

I’m trying to get the swing of blogging. I guess I use it as more a journal than anything else. Must look into ways I can improve. On other news…editing my MS is coming along. Happy that I haven’t seen very many spelling or grammar errors. I know that I need to look for word repeats or frequently used phrases. Some friends on Twitter have been really helpful with editing tips. Then I need to go back and make corrections then see where I am. I want to enter this contest so need to be ready for it. I think that about does it for tonight…so sleep well and I will be back tomorrow 🙂

Good Time To Blog!

So today I finished all the editing that I thought I could do before I printed. It was suggested to me, so I printed out When Love Walks In aka my work in progress and it was so much easier for me to edit. It was much more fluid! So I will be working on that for a few days. Then making some corrections – spelling, grammar and probably changes. My quandy? I want someone to read it over but I don’t have anyone in my family who would do it. That leaves a stranger. What? Scary!! A beta reader was another suggestion and I joined a forum but have only lurked behind the scenes so far. Oh, I don’t know what do do. I do know that there is some more stuff going on that I want to be involved in – some contests and more twitter pitches. I just want to know if my work is publish worthy. Ughhh!

The week has ended…again

Well I tried to not write but as usual – I was writing. It may turn out that my stories aren’t good enough to be published but I have to find out. The only way I can find out is to have enough people read different manuscripts and then tell me they suck. So until then…I keep writing. I go balls to the wall trying. I keep dreaming about the publishers I want. I won’t give up. And that’s how I feel about that. I want to be published so bad I can taste it…you can’t just walk away from that. I will keep learning, researching, asking stupid questions, reading and writing. Who knows…maybe one day….happy friday

Self Doubt – you are bad

Self Doubt – you are bad.