The difference a day can make

So last night I went to bed feeling pretty good, positive about where I was as far as looking for an agent, editor or publisher was concerned. Today however, I find that there is so much to this business that I know nothing about. It’s not just good books and publishing. There are clicks and grudge holders. If you make a mistake it can and possibly will be held against you. There are also those who will purposefully try to bring you down, down talk your work or ideas. Ugh. I have found a few agents that I think I’d like to work with but can see that perhaps I’m not the caliber or writer they will take on. There are more rejections than offers. I’m not sure where I stand. I have stories that show up in my head and I write them. Are they worthy of publishing? Will anyone else want to read them? I guess that’s the big question. I will let my finished manuscript sit for a bit. I’ll work on my new things and evaluate how things stand in a month or so. Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy….


Playing Favorites

I was thinking last night if there are others, like me, who have their dream publisher, editor,agent. Or maybe who/what would mean success to you. As a person who has written for years just because there are stories bumping around in my head – who now has decided to change into professional from hobby. I know there is a big difference between the hobby-author and the professional author. I see how inexperienced I am compared to those on Twitter. Everyone has to start some where, this is where I am starting. I know what success to me would be. That lies in the publisher. Not that I would say no if another publisher made me an offer. Also, I’ve been able to interact with agents, editors as well as publishers. Some you get the feeling you would get along with them and would enjoy working with them and others…not so much. I just wondered if other authors had ‘dream teams’ picked out. I mean it must work the other way also – agents, editors & publishers must have authors they’d love to work with too and those they didn’t want to at all…just a little rambling. So here’s to the dream…I’m still chasing you, in the end – there can be only one!

Did I finish anything today???

That’s a good question…I don’t think I did. I baby sat my two nieces today and I was at my sister’s house much longer than I expected to be. Then I was picking up my own kids who got out of school early. I did manage to work on – what I will call – my Book 1 of my Scottish books and hope to get a lot more done tomorrow. I have one MS done as contemporary romance and there will be the two books to the Scottish books and then there is another I just started but that won’t be done for a good while. I just wish I knew if any of my work is worthy of being published. Also…I miss my little sweet dog Dixie. Good Night.

The week has ended…again

Well I tried to not write but as usual – I was writing. It may turn out that my stories aren’t good enough to be published but I have to find out. The only way I can find out is to have enough people read different manuscripts and then tell me they suck. So until then…I keep writing. I go balls to the wall trying. I keep dreaming about the publishers I want. I won’t give up. And that’s how I feel about that. I want to be published so bad I can taste it…you can’t just walk away from that. I will keep learning, researching, asking stupid questions, reading and writing. Who knows…maybe one day….happy friday