Another disaster

So tonight as I go to bed – the community of West, Texas is on my mind. After watching the terrible fire and huge explosion on CNN I wonder how they will mend. I know that they will but right now it just seems impossible. My heart warms to see the outpouring of assistance and support from the other Texans and even farther than that. This has been a hard week but the human spirit is hard to crush…Boston and West are fine examples of that. Now, I end with a line from a song…God Bless Texas…West, Texas.


I gave blood…

Yesterday I watched in shock as two bombs went off at the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon. Mentally, I never expected to see such a thing on American soil again. But that is not what this blog is about. What it IS about is humans.  Compassion, kindness, generosity of humans. Selfless-ness, bravery and courage. I saw all of those things on my tv like so many others did. I was horrified by the injuries. As of now the death toll is at 3 which is three too many and yet I expected that number to be so much higher. I sat in my living room wondering what I could do to help. That’s when someone mentioned the call for blood donations and the American Red Cross. I looked online that night, found a place to go to and set up my appointment. That’s where I was this morning – donating my blood. Well actually I donated a ‘double’ of red blood cells because I am an O- blood type. I have no doubt that my donation will help someone. It took an hour of my time and seemed like such a small thing but when I left I was assured my gift was needed and would be used. I think I will make a habbit of donating now. Boston, I’ve never seen you in person but just as I did for the victims at Sandy Hook, I cry for you.