Playing Favorites

I was thinking last night if there are others, like me, who have their dream publisher, editor,agent. Or maybe who/what would mean success to you. As a person who has written for years just because there are stories bumping around in my head – who now has decided to change into professional from hobby. I know there is a big difference between the hobby-author and the professional author. I see how inexperienced I am compared to those on Twitter. Everyone has to start some where, this is where I am starting. I know what success to me would be. That lies in the publisher. Not that I would say no if another publisher made me an offer. Also, I’ve been able to interact with agents, editors as well as publishers. Some you get the feeling you would get along with them and would enjoy working with them and others…not so much. I just wondered if other authors had ‘dream teams’ picked out. I mean it must work the other way also – agents, editors & publishers must have authors they’d love to work with too and those they didn’t want to at all…just a little rambling. So here’s to the dream…I’m still chasing you, in the end – there can be only one!


Sunday was a busy day

Today I got a lot done. Felt good about that. Did some research on writing contests, publishers and agents. Participated in an askagent on Twitter and got some good answers. Transfered all the Manuscripts or ideas I’m working on to a stick drive so I can work from any of the computers. Also started five outlines for books to work on later. I also began writing on a new manuscript that I’m very excited about. I need to work some more on completed MS and I need to finish up the second one as well. Lots of things going on and I just need to keep pushing – hard. This is what I want. So with that…it is a short work/school week for most people…enjoy it. I’m out!

Oscar Night

Funny how this was such a big night for TV and I didn’t even have mine on. I was busy working on my manuscript. Then I went for my long nightly walk and when I came home – I did the dishes. I kept up on all of the news by checking my Twitter…never missed a thing! Here’s to the start of a busy week. My goal is to have this MS done and start some self editing by the end of this week. So, got lots to get done!

Another Friday

So even though it was a busy day today I got a lot of writing done that I’m happy with. I have been doing a lot of research and know where I want to send this manuscript when it’s done and cleaned up. I have just a bit left and then editing. It’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time! I’ve got goals – Woo-hooo!