Human Error

Ugh, I can’t stand when I make an error. As a young girl, I worked in my Dad’s law firm during the summers. My sisters and & would file, pull/replace law books, make copies, answer phones. As we got older we all progressed into secretarial work. Attention to detail was of the upmost importance. We learned to proof-read or edit our own work because if we took it to Dad or another attorney with an error – we had to start over *we didn’t have computers yet* even for 1 tranposed number. So today, I made a simple error, just 1 wrong letter and it could have cost me the chance to have my manuscript reviewed by an editor (at my number 2 desired publishers). I was so upset when I finally caught that one small mistake! My day was ruined, just ruined. I quickly corrected the ‘YA’ to a ‘NA’ and put a little blurb in about my error but that in no way meant anyone even had to look at me again. I was devastated as I went to my daughter’s Spring Dance Program. I put it out of my mind and just enjoyed watching my daughter do what gives her joy…dance. to my surprise when I got home an editor AND not just any editor – the Head Cheese kind of editor – had asked me for more info on my MS!! Instant mood changer – of course by the time I saw it 2hrs later she had gone to bed, being on the East Coast, so I sent over the info she asked for and now shall wait. Now, even if there is no interest in my MS I know that these editors will look at things with a human eye. I could have been shut out but wasn’t. I feel even better knowing they are my number two choice of publishers. Well, actually, they are a part of my number 1 choice but a different branch on the tree. So…good all around. I can sleep content. Good Night


Self Doubt – you are bad

So today as I took part in a Twitter chat about self-editing I experienced that evil little voice…self doubt. Ask the questions came fast & furious & answers did too I lurked. Realizing there was soooo much more to publishing a book than I had thought. Maybe I’m just a story teller after all. Maybe the stories that are inside of my head are only meant for me to write down and then…do nothing with. Maybe my little MS wasn’t good enough to publish. Granted, the one I have now is a contemporary novel, which I usually don’t write, but I had dreams. Yep, I let myself dream, envision if you will, that I could have it published by one of my top choices Harlequin or Carina Press. I also have a new publisher I’m interested – Entranced. So, I guess I need to do some serious evaluating. Just because I love to write doesn’t mean it’s good enough to be published. The chances are so few even if you have a great MS. So, anyway, I end this day on a bit of a downer. Tomorrow will find me thinking. Maybe I need a betta reader so I know if I should keep trying….ugh…