Easter Sunday…

Now that my kids are older, the excitement of Easter morning has diminished quite a bit. As teens they are not interested in getting up early to hunt for eggs. The cooking duty, howerver, is the same. After cooking for a good long while today my feet were just happy for me to take a ‘sit down break’.  I hope your day was spent doing things you love with people you love. As for me…my tired feet and I are going to bed!! Start of fresh week tomorrow.


Blogging from the top of a mountain?

Yes, I am. I am in Phoenix at the top of South Mountain and it will be sunset soon. The weather is great, it is peaceful and quiet except for the buzz of bees. To be honest, I wish I wasn’t here but my kids are taking pictures with their Gramma so I had to come. Actually, I’m in an uncomfortable position and I don’t like it but I’m here none the less just waiting and hoping I don’t get stung by any bees. Spring time is a great time in Arizona but we never know how long it will last before the real heat arrives….then I will be bemoaning the weather and wishing I was some place else. These pictures are taking forever by the way. Could it be because I so don’t want to be here that time is actually moving slower? I wonder. Well I will finish this blog with a wish to you all to have a lovely Easter and enjoy it with those you love. Til the next time – keep writing, keep dreaming, don’t give up even if it breaks your heart.