I gave blood…

Yesterday I watched in shock as two bombs went off at the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon. Mentally, I never expected to see such a thing on American soil again. But that is not what this blog is about. What it IS about is humans.  Compassion, kindness, generosity of humans. Selfless-ness, bravery and courage. I saw all of those things on my tv like so many others did. I was horrified by the injuries. As of now the death toll is at 3 which is three too many and yet I expected that number to be so much higher. I sat in my living room wondering what I could do to help. That’s when someone mentioned the call for blood donations and the American Red Cross. I looked online that night, found a place to go to and set up my appointment. That’s where I was this morning – donating my blood. Well actually I donated a ‘double’ of red blood cells because I am an O- blood type. I have no doubt that my donation will help someone. It took an hour of my time and seemed like such a small thing but when I left I was assured my gift was needed and would be used. I think I will make a habbit of donating now. Boston, I’ve never seen you in person but just as I did for the victims at Sandy Hook, I cry for you.


Human Error

Ugh, I can’t stand when I make an error. As a young girl, I worked in my Dad’s law firm during the summers. My sisters and & would file, pull/replace law books, make copies, answer phones. As we got older we all progressed into secretarial work. Attention to detail was of the upmost importance. We learned to proof-read or edit our own work because if we took it to Dad or another attorney with an error – we had to start over *we didn’t have computers yet* even for 1 tranposed number. So today, I made a simple error, just 1 wrong letter and it could have cost me the chance to have my manuscript reviewed by an editor (at my number 2 desired publishers). I was so upset when I finally caught that one small mistake! My day was ruined, just ruined. I quickly corrected the ‘YA’ to a ‘NA’ and put a little blurb in about my error but that in no way meant anyone even had to look at me again. I was devastated as I went to my daughter’s Spring Dance Program. I put it out of my mind and just enjoyed watching my daughter do what gives her joy…dance. to my surprise when I got home an editor AND not just any editor – the Head Cheese kind of editor – had asked me for more info on my MS!! Instant mood changer – of course by the time I saw it 2hrs later she had gone to bed, being on the East Coast, so I sent over the info she asked for and now shall wait. Now, even if there is no interest in my MS I know that these editors will look at things with a human eye. I could have been shut out but wasn’t. I feel even better knowing they are my number two choice of publishers. Well, actually, they are a part of my number 1 choice but a different branch on the tree. So…good all around. I can sleep content. Good Night