Throwing it out there….

Well, I’ve done it. Today I sent a submission to my favorite, my dream publisher. I wanted to do it now because I feel like I can’t concentrate on any new work(s) in progress. So with that in mind I studied how to write a synopsis on several sites. It took me two days to get my synopsis the way I wanted and then…I sent it. I realize the chances of me actually catching the attention of this publisher are extremely rare. However, I’m chasing my dream, and part of that means I’ve got to keep putting my work out there and trying. I want this so bad I can taste it – now I just need to wait twelve yes 12 short weeks to hear anything. In the mean time, I have one other WIP that is about 1/3 done and another that is just about half way. This is the success I want. Don’t wait til tomorrow to chase your dreams…do it now!!