The difference a day can make

So last night I went to bed feeling pretty good, positive about where I was as far as looking for an agent, editor or publisher was concerned. Today however, I find that there is so much to this business that I know nothing about. It’s not just good books and publishing. There are clicks and grudge holders. If you make a mistake it can and possibly will be held against you. There are also those who will purposefully try to bring you down, down talk your work or ideas. Ugh. I have found a few agents that I think I’d like to work with but can see that perhaps I’m not the caliber or writer they will take on. There are more rejections than offers. I’m not sure where I stand. I have stories that show up in my head and I write them. Are they worthy of publishing? Will anyone else want to read them? I guess that’s the big question. I will let my finished manuscript sit for a bit. I’ll work on my new things and evaluate how things stand in a month or so. Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy….