Another disaster

So tonight as I go to bed – the community of West, Texas is on my mind. After watching the terrible fire and huge explosion on CNN I wonder how they will mend. I know that they will but right now it just seems impossible. My heart warms to see the outpouring of assistance and support from the other Texans and even farther than that. This has been a hard week but the human spirit is hard to crush…Boston and West are fine examples of that. Now, I end with a line from a song…God Bless Texas…West, Texas.


It’s Friday – again

Well I’m not sure about where you live but where I live – it’s Friday! It’s raining and I’m sitting down to write. Amazing how when I’m dedicating time to write my phone rings or text messages start pouring in. I decided for the next hour I will not pick up my phone for any reason. NO interruptions for a solid hour! Not sure my family is taking me seriously when I tell them that I’m not just writing for my own joy anymore….now I want to be published, I want to share these stories….one day they will see what I was talking about when I said things like “writing is my life – my job” – as I crumple up a piece of paper and hold it in my upraised fist saying ‘As God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!’ Wait, that’s from my favorite movie GWTW – but you get the idea…have a great weekend!