Easter Sunday…

Now that my kids are older, the excitement of Easter morning has diminished quite a bit. As teens they are not interested in getting up early to hunt for eggs. The cooking duty, howerver, is the same. After cooking for a good long while today my feet were just happy for me to take a ‘sit down break’.  I hope your day was spent doing things you love with people you love. As for me…my tired feet and I are going to bed!! Start of fresh week tomorrow.


Saturday – the day to….

Well I was using it as a day to write but I forgot my sister was having a little get together so I needed to bake a cake. Then my teens pulled some rather typical teen stuff and I felt like a ref in a MMA match. Now I’m just trying to relax. Time to focus on writing after the laundry is done! One day I swear, I’ll never go hungry again…well I really mean is one day this writing will pay off! Toots!