The difference a day can make

So last night I went to bed feeling pretty good, positive about where I was as far as looking for an agent, editor or publisher was concerned. Today however, I find that there is so much to this business that I know nothing about. It’s not just good books and publishing. There are clicks and grudge holders. If you make a mistake it can and possibly will be held against you. There are also those who will purposefully try to bring you down, down talk your work or ideas. Ugh. I have found a few agents that I think I’d like to work with but can see that perhaps I’m not the caliber or writer they will take on. There are more rejections than offers. I’m not sure where I stand. I have stories that show up in my head and I write them. Are they worthy of publishing? Will anyone else want to read them? I guess that’s the big question. I will let my finished manuscript sit for a bit. I’ll work on my new things and evaluate how things stand in a month or so. Well, nobody said it was gonna be easy….


Good Time To Blog!

So today I finished all the editing that I thought I could do before I printed. It was suggested to me, so I printed out When Love Walks In aka my work in progress and it was so much easier for me to edit. It was much more fluid! So I will be working on that for a few days. Then making some corrections – spelling, grammar and probably changes. My quandy? I want someone to read it over but I don’t have anyone in my family who would do it. That leaves a stranger. What? Scary!! A beta reader was another suggestion and I joined a forum but have only lurked behind the scenes so far. Oh, I don’t know what do do. I do know that there is some more stuff going on that I want to be involved in – some contests and more twitter pitches. I just want to know if my work is publish worthy. Ughhh!

It’s Friday – again

Well I’m not sure about where you live but where I live – it’s Friday! It’s raining and I’m sitting down to write. Amazing how when I’m dedicating time to write my phone rings or text messages start pouring in. I decided for the next hour I will not pick up my phone for any reason. NO interruptions for a solid hour! Not sure my family is taking me seriously when I tell them that I’m not just writing for my own joy anymore….now I want to be published, I want to share these stories….one day they will see what I was talking about when I said things like “writing is my life – my job” – as I crumple up a piece of paper and hold it in my upraised fist saying ‘As God as my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!’ Wait, that’s from my favorite movie GWTW – but you get the idea…have a great weekend!

Finally – a productive day!

Well, this flu has been rough. However, think things are back to normal. Today I focused my energy on writing and researching publishing options. I have one book, which is shorter, just about done and will need some cleaning up. I have another – which is much longer – that is over half way done and it will have a sequel to it as well. So, I’m pretty excited that progress has been made today. I made this post from my phone and it was lost *operator error no doubt* so I am posting again. Cross fingers that tomorrow will be as productive! Cheers 🙂

Writing, writing, laundry & writing

So mostly I was writing today and did laundry. Going back and editing a little as I go. I have no chapters and that worries me. I need to go back and read my MS and figure out where to put chapters. I’m not sure if I should just write like I do or if I should write and put chapters in as I go. Which is better I wonder? So I have some research to do….

Oscar Night

Funny how this was such a big night for TV and I didn’t even have mine on. I was busy working on my manuscript. Then I went for my long nightly walk and when I came home – I did the dishes. I kept up on all of the news by checking my Twitter…never missed a thing! Here’s to the start of a busy week. My goal is to have this MS done and start some self editing by the end of this week. So, got lots to get done!

Thursday = busy day

It was a busier than expected Thursday! After a quick trip to the store I got quite a bit of writing done. Then I had two nephews graduate – 1 from USMC boot camp & the 2nd from Navy Hospital Corpsman Training. Then I got involved in my first chat with editors from Carina Press. Had to pick up a sick kid from school and then managed to get more writing done. I learned a lot of great info from the chat with 2 favs (paraphrasing both) 1- a NO today doesn’t mean a NO tomorrow, keep writing & submitting and 2- a letter of R&R is like a test drive to see if author/editor would like to work together. OH – I also won a book which arrived today. What can Friday possibly bring??? Have a great night!

Saturday – the day to….

Well I was using it as a day to write but I forgot my sister was having a little get together so I needed to bake a cake. Then my teens pulled some rather typical teen stuff and I felt like a ref in a MMA match. Now I’m just trying to relax. Time to focus on writing after the laundry is done! One day I swear, I’ll never go hungry again…well I really mean is one day this writing will pay off! Toots!

Friday is writing day

My dogs are worse than my kids! I swear that they know when I sit down to write. Then they need to go out. They are out of water. Need to go out again. Bark at the mailman….ack I keep telling my sister kids are like dogs! Trying to get my concentration back! Have a fantastic weekend!

Crazy hectic day

Ahhh, this day finally winds down….I feel like I ran my wheels off today and got nothing done – even though I know I did. Maybe it is because I wasn’t at my computer writing…. Anyway, my day is done!